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Black Water Benefits: Black Water Price Is Worth the Hype?

The term “black water” refers to water that contains fulvic acid (FvA), along with
possibly other mineral or vitamin additives. Black water is alternatively known as
“fulvic water” or “natural mineral alkaline water. If you are curious to know Black water price, here I am describing the price of black water.

Many celebrities have been spotted sporting a bottle of black alkaline water at their
gyms or even to create a fashionable airport look. Although it may appear strange as
a means of hydration, black water is not simply regular water with an unusual black
color. There are distinct features that set it apart. The black water trend has gone
viral, with celebrities like Malaika Arora, Karishma Kapoor, Manish Malhotra, and
Virat Kohli frequently seen with their black water bottles. You might be curious about
what makes it special and whether our regular mineral water is adequate.

Blackwater, also known as alkaline black water, is enriched with essential minerals
such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. Its unique color is achieved
through a high alkaline water pH level ranging from eight to nine. This water is
believed to be beneficial for enhancing skin health, particularly for individuals
struggling with acne. Additionally, it can aid in alleviating digestive issues such as
hyperacidity and indigestion, as well as promoting heart health. People dealing with
lifestyle diseases like diabetes can also potentially derive advantages from
consuming black water.

This is a unique type of water known as black alkaline water, distinguished by its
black color. It is safe and suitable for drinking. The water obtains its black hue
naturally from minerals and was discovered by a scientist from Texas, USA. It
contains specific types of minerals. It is worth noting that the pH level of water varies
naturally and can be altered depending on individual circumstances. In the case of
black water, its pH level tends to be higher.

How Much Mineral Contains In Black Water?

Black water contains over 70 minerals, which offer numerous benefits to the body.
These minerals aid in digestion, maintain a healthy metabolism, and enhance the
immune system, thus reducing issues related to acidity. Drinking black water not only
promotes overall health but also benefits the skin. Although it tastes similar to regular
water, its black color is a result of the presence of charcoal.

Black water pricing in India ( Amazon )

● Black Lake 13.5 liters (KING SIZE Pack of 18 X 750ml bottles) Black Water drink |
Silver-Copper-Iron-Amino Acids amongst 70+ Minerals Infused ( Amazon )

M.R.P – 2,160 (₹160 / l)
You save: ₹540 (20%)

● Evokes Black Alkaline Drink | Infused with Essential Minerals | 8+ pH Alkaline | Pack
of 24 (250mL Each) Bottled Water | Mineral Water (Amazon)

M.R.P : ₹1,296 (₹216 / count)
You Save: ₹144

● Evokes Black Alkaline Drink | Infused with Essential Minerals | 8+ pH Alkaline | Pack
of 6 (500mL liquid Each) Bottled Water | Mineral Water ( Amazon )

M.R.P : ₹540 (₹90 / count)
You save: ₹60 (10%)

● Booster Black Alkaline Drink | Superior Hydration With Infused Essential Minerals |
8+ pH Alkaline (500 ML Each Can) is Better than Bottled Water & Mineral water(Pack
of 12)
M.R.P : 1,080 (₹90 / count)

● Hejal H2O Black Water Drink 8+pH Alkaline Water pack of 9 (1L, Each) Mineral
Water (9 x 1000 ml) on Amazon

M.R.P : -2% ₹1,500

● Alkua Alkaline Ionized Water | 9 pH with Silver > 15 mcg | 500ml – 24 bottles |
Alkaline Mineral Water from The Himalayas

M.R. P : -19% ₹1,760

● Black Lake | Black Water Extract (100 ml) | MAKES 40 X 500ml BOTTLES OF BLACK
WATER (Worth Rs. 4,000) | 70+ Minerals including Silver, Copper, and Iron enriched

Price: ₹3,000 (₹1,333.33 / l)
You Save: ₹3,000 (50%)

Virat Kholi Black Water Price

Virat Kohli is renowned for his extravagant way of life. The ex-Indian cricketer prioritizes his
health and diligently adheres to a rigorous fitness regimen, which has propelled him to
become the world’s finest player across all formats.

The price of Virat Kohli’s water is reportedly around Rs 4000 per liter and it is imported from
Evian Natural Spring water, known for its purity, is available worldwide. Its main source is
Evian Les Bains in France, which is situated on the border between Switzerland and France
and is one of Europe’s largest lakes.
Several celebrities, including Malaika Arora Khan, Shruti Hassan, and Urvashi Rautela, are
said to consume black water, although from different brands.

As is already known, Virat Kohli has been following a vegan diet for the past few years. He
has acknowledged experiencing better results with his special diet. The decision to adopt a
vegan diet was prompted by a cervical spine issue he faced during a test match against
South Africa in 2018.

black water price
Virat Kohli water price per liter

Virat Kohli’s Choice of Water Bottle and its Benefits :

Virat Kohli opts for a water bottle imported from France, which carries a price tag of INR
4,000 per liter. This particular water bottle contains Evian Natural Spring water, renowned for
its exceptional purity. The water’s primary source is Evian Les Bains, one of Europe’s largest

What makes his water special? :

Kohli not only pays attention to his diet but also carefully selects the water he consumes.
Reports suggest that Kohli drinks Black Water, a blend of approximately 70 minerals.

Here are the qualities associated with his Black Water:

  1. Hydration: Black Water aids in maintaining proper hydration levels.
  2. Immunity boost: Drinking Black Water supports immune system function.
  3. Enhanced skin quality: Black Water contributes to improved skin quality.
  4. Weight reduction: Black Water may assist in weight management.
  5. Reduction of depression: Black Water is believed to have a positive impact on
    reducing feelings of depression.

● These changes in Kohli’s lifestyle choices are evident on the cricket field,
where he appears to be in better physical condition compared to other players

This is a special kind of water, whose colorr is black which is called black alkaline water. We
can drink comfortably and it is quite safe to drink. This water is black in color due to natural
minerals, which were discovered by a scientist from Texas, USA and it contains special types
of minerals.

Black water price benefits :

Benefits/Uses of Black Water

Water is life! Our body is made up of 60 percent water, which is why the internal systems
require adequate amounts of water to function. It helps to flush out toxins from the body and
transports minerals to various organs and helps in digesting the food we eat.

Many people prefer to drink flavored water instead of plain water. Including this alkaline
water in your diet can help in getting good digestion, helps in weight loss, improve fertility
and boost immunity.

Below are the Benefits of Black Water:

Beneficial for the digestive system

A healthy gut is beneficial for both physical and mental
health. Drinking alkaline water improves digestion. It increases the growth of good bacteria
and keeps the digestive system healthy. It helps in reducing the excess acid produced by the
body and prevents acidity.

Boost immunity

Nowadays many celebs drink this black water to boost their immunity. It is
directly related to better digestion. As a person’s digestive system functions properly,
nutritional absorption improves which helps in boosting immunity.

Increase fertility

Black water can really help in boosting one’s fertility. It is directly related to
the pH level and black water helps in maintaining the pH level of your body. When a
woman’s body has a high pH level of cervical mucus, it creates an unfavorable environment
for sperm. Having the right pH level can increase the chances of conceiving and improve fertility

Helpful in controlling weight

Black water is a special type of water, which helps in
maintaining body weight. It is also called alkaline ionized water. Drinking black water
increases the amount of electrolytes in the body.

These are the qualities of his Black Water

● Helps in Hydration
● Helps in immunity boost
● Skin quality enhancement
● Reduction of weight
● Reduces depression

Price of 1 liter of Alkaline black water

In India, there is a wide variety of black water brands to choose from, with Evocus being
particularly popular. The demand for Evocus Company’s black water is especially high. A
500 ml bottle of Evocus can be purchased for Rs. 100, which roughly translates to a cost of
Rs. 200 per EVOCUS H2O Black Alkaline 8+pH Mineral Water. Each bottle of black water
contains approximately 32 mg of calcium, 21 mg of magnesium, and 8 mg of sodium.

Difference between normal water and black water

Normal Water

  1. The pH in normal water is between 6.5 to 7.5.
  2. It does not have any antioxidant properties.
  3. It is used as an energy drink.


1. With The high pH value of black water, the dependence on the medicine is less

  1. Black water contains natural antioxidants which help in reducing excessive antioxidant
    stress from the body
  1. It is used as an energy drink, sports drink,
    natural alkaline water and health drinks.

Is it safe to Drink black water?

Currently, there is insufficient robust scientific evidence supporting the purported health
benefits of black water. Nonetheless, natural black water is generally regarded as safe due
to its natural mineral content. However, it is important to exercise caution when it comes to
artificial black water, as it may contain lower levels of beneficial minerals and potential
contaminants, particularly if the pH is high.

FAQs- Black Water

What is the flavor of black water?

Black water has a taste that is similar to regular water. However, it’s color
appears black due to the elevated pH level.

Is black water considered an energy drink?

Black water is often consumed by individuals after exercising or visiting the gym
in order to boost energy levels. Consequently, it is sometimes referred to as an energy drink
or fitness drink.

Are there any drawbacks to consuming black water?

Yes, there are certain disadvantages associated with black water, such as
potential side effects like nausea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal issues.

Why do celebrities drink black water?

It has a taste similar to regular water and is promoted for its potential to
enhance skin health, particularly for individuals experiencing breakouts or acne. Additionally,
it can be beneficial for digestive issues such as indigestion. People with conditions like
diabetes may also find advantages in consuming black water.

What is the recommended daily consumption of black water?

There is no specific guideline for the recommended intake of black water As a
general practice, it can be substituted for regular water

What is the recommended daily consumption of black water?

There is no specific guideline for the recommended intake of black water As a
general practice, it can be substituted for regular water

What are the benefits of black water?

Black alkaline water is infused with numerous essential minerals and boasts a
high alkaline pH level of 8+, offering a multitude of health benefits. It aids in prolonged
hydration, facilitates detoxification by extracting toxins from the body, promotes a boosted metabolism and enhanced immune system, and possesses anti-aging properties that
combat the presence of free radicals.

What is the pH value of alkaline water?

All-natural alkaline black water has a pH value of 8+ and is rich in over 70
naturally occurring minerals. It effectively balances the body’s acidity levels, thus helping to
prevent various ailments and chronic diseases.

Is black water good for the kidney?

Hydration: As the water molecules in the alkaline drink are smaller, they are more
readily absorbed by your cells and are extra hydrating than plain water. It helps contract the
muscles in a better way, lubricate the joints, and improve the functioning

Why black water is costly?

The ‘Black Water’ is high in pH. That’s why it is super expensive, but not only
Virat, and several other Celebrities from different walks of life drink this ‘Black water.


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