Did you know, the level of oxygen in the Ganga river is 25 times higher than many other rivers. Besides that, the gang’s water contains self-purifying components that help to reduce unwanted bacteria from water. And help to clean the Ganga river even after this much pollution.

So is that mean, the oxygen level in the water is everything to consider the best quality of water?. It is some kind of true but not totally.

Before considering the best quality of any water, it goes through various examinations like concentration level of oxygen, salinity or salt level, amount of unwanted materials, and other bacteria’s levels. Besides that, some other examination processes are also involved for water quality.

Water Quality
Water Quality

In India, the main source of water is groundwater than rivers. Only in 2015, Indians extracted or used 89 percent of groundwater for agriculture and as a water supplier. On the other hand, India has a total of 10,360 rivers, although the Ganga is one of the main sources of water around the country.

But you need to know that, estimated 40 million liters of wastewater ( water that is polluted by companies, industries, and factories) mix in Indian rivers. Apart from that, only 30-37% are treated.

So how does the water come to your home?, simple answer, through pipelines. But is it safe?.

First, you need to know tap water which includes municipality water, street water, town water, etc. And guess what! All this water comes from pipes that spread underground in all major cities in India.

So now the question comes is it safe?. According to the experts, in India, tap water is not very excellent to protect your body from bacterias. Although, authorities say that some pipelines contain filtration machines that clean the water before supply in your home. But you may notice, sometimes when we first turn on our home call, it gives yellow or dirty water before the fresh one. So one thing you can do is boil the water before drinking, it helps to kill harmful bacterias from it. But did you really have that much time to boil water every time before drinking?. I guess NO.

Besides that, Not every bottle of water is good for health. So what you do and what you choose for your health right?.

Keep in mind, before considering any water quality is good for you, generally, these two things need to be checked.

1. Boiled Water

After boiling water, it helps to kill the harmful bacteria’s from it. And gives you a confirmation that this water is safe to drink. Moreover, boiling the water is also very helpful to drink after waking up in the morning to keep your stomach and digestion process healthy. But again, do you have time to warm the water every time before you drink?

2. Refined Water

These types of water produced by highly trusted and authorized companies who have the license for producing such clean and fresh water. Refined water means water that examines, bacteria-free, and contains beneficial substances like minerals, salt, magnesium, etc. Refined water goes through from various filtrations but the most popular is RO ( Reverse osmosis). These RO processes remove unwanted substances like large molecules, bacterias, etc to confirm that water is safe for every human benign. Lastly, refined water comes in different forms such as mineral water, deionized water, Hydrogen water, Alkaline Water, etc.

Refined water examples –

  • Mineral water – This drinking water is an excellent source of Mineral, calcium, sodium, salt, and other beneficial components. These types of water are made by adding natural salt, carbon, and other artificial components.
  • Hydrogen water – Hydrogen water is an excellent source of antioxidants that reduces inflammation, removes stress from muscles, and also reduces aging. This is hydrogen-filled water good for those who pay some extra money for quality water. But the fact is, a healthy result is not guaranteed and these water bottles are more expensive than others.
  • Deionized Water – If you looking for no bad, no good water then Deionized type Water is for you. Because after processing, Deionized water has nothing, which means every component is removed like minerals, iron, bacteria, nutrients, etc. Deionized water is mostly used in factories and laboratories but if you wish then you can go for such types.
  • Alkaline Water – If you have a 600-700 rupees budget for one water bottle then this 8 level of Ph Alkaline Wateris for you. This type of water is safe, clean, and best for an alkaline diet. Lastly, this high PH level of water is good for removing acids from the body. But not everyone has a sufficient budget to purchase such expensive type water bottles.

So now you have some idea about the best water quality, their benefits, and their expenses. Remember, quality water is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, Bad quality water may increase the chance of health risk. Although, not every Indian has that much wealth to buy Evian Natural Spring water bottles that contain 100% natural water, mostly drink by Virat Kohli and each bottle costs you 600 rupees. So below we give the best filtered and freshwater that we provide for you.

Water Quality
Water Quality

RO Filter Water

As we mentioned, RO or Reverse Osmosis filter water, one of the popular and effective processes to make water bacteria-free and healthy.

Our Ro filtered water goes through various filtration processes that only pass water molecules by leaving behind all other unwanted substances.

As a result, everyone takes the best, pure, and healthy drinking water to keep them fresh and wealthy.

In addition, Ro filtered water improves your brain functions, reduces blood pressure, and other beneficial improvements.

But most importantly, we provide this pure water bottle at the pocket-friendly price rate of 50 rupees per bottle.

Interesting fact, for RO filter water you don’t need to spend your home electricity, because we already do this filtration process before delivering the water bottle at your doorstep by following a few steps. So just go, select, and grab your body refreshing water bottles at an affordable price range.