Bulk Booking

DrowWater gives the opportunity of bulk booking for every customer. It means here you order countless water containers of 20 liters each.

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We deliver any location around India like

  • Events – Festival or events, we ensure to deliver only purified mineral water as per your selecting brand. For countless guests, we provide bulk water bottles and water tankers. Every plastic bottle is easily recyclable and water tanks that we refill after use. So our working team ensures the quality of your management.
  • Home – Rural area or city no matter where you live in India, our distributor definitely delivers your water as per your time limit. For that, you don’t need to pay any extra money.
  • Weeding – We also provide water containers for your wedding guests. Each container will be double-checked, packed, and organized by our high-performance team. So that you get a quality water supply to satisfy guests’ thirst.
  • Corporate – For corporate offices, we are conscious more about time, so we make sure you get water containers within your given time.

So these are some bulk booking options that you get from us. If you belong to local areas then no additional delivery charge is required.