DrowWater.com/in is our official website and anyone who wants to enjoy our services needs to order from this website only. We have the right to change or correct any issue with our website without any notice.

Our mineral water services or drinking water packaging . Each of the containers meets the standards. So ensure the specification of the packaging and purity of the water. We have the rights to any changes on the payment section and we may include or remove certain issues without any permission.

A Returnable Security charge of 150 rupees is compulsory for every customer, who wants to order our water containers through this website. This is a mandatory charge that only takes for security. For example, if any person breaks, burns, or loses our containers and goes unable to return them, then this amount will be deducted as a security charge. But if any person carefully returns our empty containers without any damage or issue then this 150 rupees will be returned or included in your next plan. We have the rights to change the price, security charge, delivery charge anytime without any notification.

Aftermarket research and surveys we fix the monthly plan for every customer. So these prices are only applicable if you order by following our fixing plans. For example, if any person places an order for 30 bottles 20 liters each. Then the price will be 50 rupees per water container but if any person orders 1 bottle then the price will be 70 rupees each.

Our delivery charge for each water container is free if the person belongs to the local area. For out of the town or city delivery charge will be added according to kilometers.

Company Details

Name – DrowWater

Address – Shakurpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110034

For more Details Contact – contact@drowwater.com