Virat Kohli Drinking Water Price

Virat Kohli Water Price: How Much Does it Cost?

Before knowing the Virat Kohli Drinking Water Price, let us know about Virat Kohli. The former captain of the Indian national team and international cricketer, the best cricketer of all time known as Virat Kohli, will always be the pride of India. For challenges, Virat Kohli plays as a batsman in the Indian Premier League and for Delhi in Indian domestic cricket. In 2020, the ICC named Virat as a player of the decade, as he holds the record for scoring the most runs in t20 internationals and in IPL.

He is the only batsman to gain the number-one position in the ICC ranking. Run-scoring and prolific batsmen are the pillars of Virat. Virat has won most player of the watch holding a win of 40 out of 68 wins, he is marked as the most successful captain of all time by the nation. to be a good player you need talent, to be a player like Virat Kohli, as former cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar said, you need attitude.”
Virat will always be a match player for India he never lets his followers fail.Forbes ranked Virat as the 7 most valuable brand for athletes in 2017 having a value of $ 14.5 million.

Virat Kholi Fitness Journey

Virat Kholi is one of the fiercest and most tenacious cricketers who holds the talent of tuning tables in the blink of an eye. High octane performance is the benchmark of Virat’s game. Virat has set a standard for fitness in the world of sports. Virat fitness journey and consistency a motivation for many so let’s have a glance over it:

Workout Plan:

The main aim of Virat’s workout is the improvement and maintenance of muscle density and as a result, at the age of 32, he is still performing matches with full intensity.  Strength and explosivity of the lower half are the special focus of his workout routine. 

Virat performs a high-intensity five days workout which involves compound movement and cardio exercise followed by rest for 2 days to prevent the body from injury. He gives equal importance to both buildings his muscles as well as strengthening his back, and legs, and strengthening the core. His workout routine always starts with walking for 20 min at a speed of 15 km/hr followed by deadlifts, squats, and front lunges with twists.

Virat Kohli Drinking Water Price

Diet and Nutrition :

It are said often that you are what you eat to become the best player in the field of sports. Virat always makes sure he always has a diet rich in nutrients which often results in switching gears and shifting to follow a quasi-vegetarian diet. Quasi-vegetarians eat fish, seafood, or poultry occasionally.

When it comes to portion he is more disciplined he once revealed his present diet involves  plenty of vegetables, eggs, dal, quinoa, and lots of spinach.Virat sources of protein are almonds, protein bars, and fruits. His day starts with 3 egg white followed by bread with peanut butter for lunch he prefers chicken and spinach and for dinner soup or stir fried vegetables.

Virat Kohli Drinking Water Price: virat kholi has been spotted consuming black water many times. One litre of black water costs ₹3000-4000 and is imported from France according to reports. Health enthusiasts have a trend of alkaline black water claiming its potential health benefits.

What Is Alkaline Black Water?

Normal water has a pH of 6 to 7 being basic and has no minerals in it. Black water differs from normal water in pH. It has ph of 8 and is considered nutrient-rich drink due to the presence of Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium, and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). these ingredients play a key role in making the water less basic and more alkaline.

Benefits of Black Water

  1. Reduces heart bun:

Reflux, a digestive issue in which acid of the stomach irritates the food pipe is benefited by drinking alkaline water having a pH of 8.8. Pepsin, the digestive enzyme causing acid flux, can be deactivated by alkaline black water. This theory needs more scientific evidence to be proven 

  1. Slows down ageing process:

Having a proper pH balance in the body is one of the important criteria in order to maintain healthy skin. As a result, the intake of alkaline drinks reduces the ageing process and gives energy to the skin.

  1. Reduces high blood pressure and diabetes:

Alkaline water increases the flow of oxygen in the body. In a search carried out, it was found that people who drink black water have reduced viscosity compared to people who drink regular water. Alkaline water is believed to have cancer-resistance properties

Disadvantages to black water

  1. Lowering of natural stomach acid of stomach:

Caution needs to be taken with the intake of black water as it presence of too much alkaline in the stomach reduces the acidic nature of the stomach resulting in the growth of unwanted pathogens and bacteria

  1. Vomiting and skin-related issues:

Disturb in body pH level due to increased alkaline level often leads to nausea and muscle twitching. It lowers body calcium level issues and gives skin-related problems.

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