5 Litre Bisleri Mineral Water Bottle, Packaging


Bisleri water is pure and healthy for a health conscious


Bisleri is one of the most  popular brands in India for water bottled .Bisleri  follows a unique purification process which means it goes to six-step process so water is 100% pure and healthy for your body .Even the bottles that are used in water filling are made in bisleri plants not any external plants so that it will avoid cross contamination . Water of bisleri are rich in minerals such as calcium , magnesium , iron and its free of any type of chemicals .Trusted for its quality and health benefits, Bisleri is a top choice for pure, refreshing water . Bisleri water know  for its exceptional purity , meticulous purification process, and mineral rich composition, and its dedication to ensure that water is free from all the chemicals. 


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