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20 liter Drinking Water Bottle Delivery Service

This platform was professionally designed for our valuable users who can buy their 20-liter drinking water bottles.

Recurring Water Delivery Service

Who, Why Choose Us!

We are the best and specialized platform for delivering premium quality water. We give drinking water delivery service in Pitampura. We have a smart team to manage all the testing and for the safest delivery of premium quality water at your home, offices, or anywhere you want.

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Place Your Order In 3 Easy Steps

First, select your desired container of 20-liter water bottles. After that, you can place the order from our pricing plans. And the final step was relaxing and waiting for your free delivery of water bottles at your doorstep.

Dedicated Team & Delivery Boy

We have dedicated team members and delivery boys for the work, who are always ready to work with a responsive approach.

24/7 Hours Support & Fast Delivery

On this platform 24/7 support is available for your queries and questions related to our services. Everyone is busy in today's world that's why we provide the quickest delivery.

Pricing Plan

No Hidden Chatrges! Choose Your Pricing Plan.

Single Bottle

1 Bottle

69 /-
  • Floor Carrying Charges*
  • Bottle Security Charges*
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Delivery

Alternative Day

15+3* = 18 Bottle

899 /-
  • 3 Bottle FREE*
  • 15 Days
  • 15 bottles*
  • 50 rupees each
  • Every second day 1 bottle
  • Floor Carrying Charges*
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Delivery


10 Bottle

$ 549 /-
  • Weekly*
  • Every Week
  • 10 bottles
  • 55 rupees each
  • Floor Carrying Charges*
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Delivery


30+5* = 35 Bottle

$ 1,649 /-
  • 5 Bottle FREE
  • Every Day 1 Bottle
  • 30 Days
  • 47 rupees each
  • Floor Carrying Charges*
  • 30 Bottles
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Delivery

Charges & F&Q

In this section, we can answer all your queries and discuss all the additional charges that apply to our services.

Local supplier -

  • Local suppliers cannot maintain hygiene in their services.
  • Local suppliers cannot take care of the PH level of the drinking water.
  • Local suppliers cannot maintain the quality of the drinking water
  • Local suppliers provide unhygienic and unhealthy drinking water which is toxic for your body.


DrowWater suppliers -

  • DrowWater suppliers maintain the proper hygiene in their services.
  • DrowWater suppliers also take care of the PH level of their drinking water.
  • Drow water suppliers deliver you premium quality drinking water.
  • DrowWater provides branded water bottle services.
  • DrowWater suppliers provide hygienic and healthy drinking water which is good for your health.

We can charge 120 rupees security charges for the 20-litre drinking water bottle which is completely refundable.

We can deliver our water bottle services free of cost, but if you live in buildings. Then you have to pay for the floor carrying charges to our delivery boy.

If you want your order on the first floor, then you have to pay 2 rupees per bottle, on the second floor you have to pay 3 rupees per bottle, on the third floor you have to pay 4 rupees per bottle, and on the fourth floor, you have to pay 5 rupees per bottle.

We must take care of the covid-19 safety like we sanitize the water bottles properly and take care of hygiene during the delivery of water bottles. Our delivery boy also wears masks, hand gloves, and is properly sanitized while they deliver your orders.


What Customers Say About Us!

I can order drinking water containers for the events and birthday parties from the other online platforms but their pay rates were too high. But DrowWater gives their services in Pitampura at affordable prices.

~ Rajesh Customer

I order drinking water from different online platforms. But I'm not satisfied with their qualities. Now I ordered drinking water for my family from DrowWater. I think this is the best platform where we get premium-quality water containers.

~ Nileshes Customer

Many times I order mineral water for my office employees. But my employees always complain about the drinking water for their hygiene. But now I order water containers from DrowWater. They are happy with their hygiene and good taste of drinking water.

~ Ronak Customer

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We operate this platform to give the best experience to our valuable customers.

What Is Life

The Perfect Water Is Life

If you want to live a perfect life, then you want to drink mineral water which is really good for your health. You can easily select your rent dispensers and monthly packages on the DrowWater platform.

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DrowWater is a reliable online platform where you order your quality mineral water at your doorstep in Pitampura.

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